What Men Want

High heel sneakersSigmund, you asked, “What do women want?” And you, a man, told us.
Well, how about men?

I’m listening to my blues playlist. Judging from their songs, here’s what men want: 

  • They want us to wear red dresses. 
  • And high heels. Sometimes high heeled sneakers.  {Think about that one for a sec}
  • They want us to have long hair, and particularly a pony tail. Chantilly Lace
  • They like it when we giggle. Ibid
  • They want to be the Boss.  Paying the Cost to Be the Boss
  • They want us to give them 20 dollars when they ask for a nickel. Sweet Little Angel
  • They want us to be sleep deprived because they want us to rock them, preferably all night long. Rolling them “like a wagon wheel” is an alternative to rocking. Rock Me Baby
  • No matter how much sleep we’ve lost doing the rocking and the rolling thing, all night long, they want us to be sweet angels and not be cranky—or nag. Sweet Little Angel;  Payin’ the Cost to Be the Boss
  • They want us to stay home and not go to town, and in particular to avoid New Orleans. Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town; Baby Please Don’t Go
  • They want us to be 100% faithful even if they “roam.” And be okay with them having “all you women.” Got My Mojo Working
  • They want us to turn lamps down low. Baby Please Don’t Go.
  • And let them be our dogs. Baby Please Don’t Go
  • They want us to jump and shout, preferably all night long (presumably on the nights we’re not doing the rocking and rolling all night long) Baby Please Don’t Go.
  • They want us to let them be our Hoochie Coochie man and mess with us, lead them by their hand so the whole world will also know that they are a HC man. Hoochie Coochie Man.
  • They want us to drive home their little red roosters, please. Little Red Rooster Howlin’ Wolf

Not entirely surprising that these fellows have troubled relationships, and are often lonely

(c)2017 Margo Lamont


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