Let’s Outsource the BC Government

They’re expensive. And there has to be a better way of getting the job done faster and cheaper.

Why don’t we apply the model to the Provincial Government that they’ve applied to everyone else? Let’s downsize, re-structure, contract-out, outsource.

Elections-schmelections – rule of law?  Can you say E-80?  What Charter Rights? If the Government doesn’t pay mind to what the top courts in British Columbia say – why should anyone?

Some first steps going forward:

  1. Let’s start by outsourcing the Premier’s job. I say we approach the Dalai Lama or Desmond Tutu, see if they want to make a few bucks on an ongoing contract. They’d make wonderful leaders.
  2. For Education, let’s restructure along the Swedish education ministries. Or – Malala.  Malala
  3. Social Services > End Legislated Poverty.
  4. For Finance, we could outsource that job to the Finance Minister of Norway.
  5. For the Revenues, let’s contract that out to the Government of Venezuela – they certainly know how to finance things.
  6. Downsize that Provincial Cabinet: 19 of them!
    Should be able to get that down to four not counting the Premier position. Just need to follow the template:  (1) redefine the jobs, (2) combine five into one portfolio, (3) lower the salary and at the end of the day, (4) re-post the job and get some of the existing ministers to re-apply at a lower salary.
  7. Environment Minister – outsource that to Greenpeace and let’s get the job done. First order of business – take care of Mt. Polley arrests and clean-up; then the salmon (sub-contractor:Alexandra Morton).
  8. Outsource to the German labour minister. The FRG manages to give their worforce six weeks holiday a year and still top the GDP charts.

Privatizing the BC Liberal Government could give us a much more efficient government, a lean tax-saving machine.

Down with Don’ts

I propose we take the apostrophe out of don’t.

Yes, on my part, it’s pure laziness. It’s texting. It’s my phone. It’s having to go to a separate symbols screen to pick up the apostrophe. I often do it because I contracted that Editing Virus years ago, but I resent it every time.

It’s time. We’ve evolved. We dont need it anymore. (Did you have any trouble understanding that? No clarity issue there.)

Everyone knows what don’t means. Dont. There. It’s fine. Just like that. Yes, it’s a lovely old English contraction of do and not. But who cares? Dont works fine.

Plus if we get rid of that irritating little apostrophe, we also solve the Don’t’s Constant-Mis-use Problem in one clichéd fell swoop. Whew. Gone. One less nit-pick. The new plural becomes donts and, apart from the fact that it looks a little like donuts if you have visual processing issues and your scanning, it’s just fine

Oh my goodness. According to the Oxford English Dictionary it’s based on bad grammar to begin with:

Don’t is a contraction of do not. It is often used informally, especially in speech, as the equivalent of does not—as in, for example, she don’t drink tea—but this is not standard English and should be avoided in writing.

Goodbye apostrophe. That seals it then. Down with “don’t.” Dont use don’t no more.

©2014 Margo Lamont

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